Service Echo

The planners and developers at Service Echo and Cycle Profix are ready to unveil the new IT platform that will increase efficiency for Profix and the company’s field workers. The new mobile application will allow technicians to collect and relay data in real time to the company’s home office. The app is available on iOS and Android devices and will be used by all Profix workers beginning this spring.

The app allows technicians to input a variety of data types easily and quickly. Products assembled, time spent on a job, distance to location or parts needed for a job can all be input directly into the app. The information can then be relayed, in real-time, to home office, and to corporate or residential clients. The GPS feature can even provide turn by turn directions to a work site.

Internally the new technology is a game changer. Invoices are generated with the touch of a button. Likewise for technicians payments and accounts payable. Part orders are relayed live to the company’s home office, decreasing wait times for parts to arrive on-site. The app also integrates with most accounting software allowing for a seamless process from the point of sale to administration.

The team hopes to expand the scope of the app’s current uses. There is already a powerful reporting feature embedded in the technology. Data can be extracted to discover trends in products or services. Parts technicians use, or variations in regional sales can all be easily obtained and analyzed. The reporting feature can help the business or it’s clients to improve upon products and services.


The technology is currently only available to Profix technicians, but that should soon change. Service Echo and Profix have begun collaborating on a project to make the app available to other service providers, beginning in the retail assembly sector and eventually expanding into different industries.

For more information about Cycle Profix and Service Echo or the new app please contact:

Profix BBQ 2016

Thanks to all of our office staff and technicians who came out for our 2016 Profix BBQ!

BBQ 2016 2

The event was a huge success thanks to the great effort put in by everyone involved. Held at the Parks Canada, National Historic Site at the locks in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue the location was the perfect setting to spend a beautiful Friday evening.

BBQ 2016

BBQ, and salads from Bouquet Garni catering offered something for everyone. The evening continued with impromptu games of frisbee and soccer in the park.

The evening was a great opportunity for everyone to relax and celebrate a very successful 2016 season. We hope to see everyone again next year!

TSSA Approved BBQ Assembly


Profix offers TSSA approved BBQ assembly throughout Canada. Our unique training program is TSSA approved for service handling of propane products.
All Profix technicians across Canada undergo the same TSSA approved training program to ensure that your propane or natural gas product is assembled to the highest standard. For more information on how to book Profix TSSA approved assembly please contact us now!


Winter is right around the corner and some regions have already had a taste of it!

tires-150x100Let Profix ease the burdens of this time of year for your Automotive Service Department. Profix is expanding our garage technician program, reaching out to new areas. With this one-of-a-kind service, we can help your store reduce wait times and long line-ups during the winter tire change rush. With great success, and overwhelming response, in our core regions we are pleased to offer these services to our newer clients, so they too may take advantage of this great program.
From personnel to help keep tires organized and keep up with the seemingly ending arrival of tires, to providing additional “tire-busters”, Profix has got you covered.

Ask us about setting up a program that will work for your store.

JumpStart Capital City Challenge

jumpstartProfix was honored by being invited to participate in the JumpStart Capital City Challenge. This event was a 5 day, 500km bike ride beginning at Canadian Tire Center in Ottawa, stopping at Parliament Hill among others, and ending at the National Assembly in Quebec City. Riders and athletes from across Canada met in Ottawa at the start their grueling journey, with Profix on hand to provide service. Profix was available with a Mobile Repair Event Tent at a stopping point each day. We were able to provide immediate on site repair and adjustments along the route, to keep riders in peak form. At the finish line Profix helped tear-down bikes and packaged them for their long journey home. Congratulations to all who participated, giving your time, body and sometimes blood, for this great cause. From all of us at Profix, Great Job and we look forward to seeing you during the next ride!

Chamber of Commerce Accolades Gala

The West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce has selected the finalists for the 2014 Accolades Gala which will be hosted at the Marriott Montreal Hotel Airport. Cycle Profix Inc. has been selected as a finalist in the Business to Business category to mark outstanding achievement within the last year. Profix has achieved desirable levels of growth, while creating jobs and improving service in the retail industry through unique and creative solutions.

The Accolades Gala is a major event for the WIMCC. Year after year the Montreal West Island business community recognizes the Accolades to be the most prestigious event of the year.

Delivery and In-Home Assembly

Profix is pleased to announce that we will be offering delivery and In-home assembly services. We will be piloting this new service in GTA region. We look forward to further aiding our clients with this new service by providing delivery and in-home assembly from a company our clients have come to know and trust. This service will be offered as a one stop shop helping take the product from the store to the customers’ living room, completing the shopping experience. This service will feature the same technicians which have been serving our business clients for a number of years and make them accessible to the end user. Quality service from door to door.


New bikes to keep the Oxford County O.P.P. pedaling in style.

Working with the Oxford County OPP, Profix and their affiliate, Atelier The Spot, were able to provide two brand new bicycles to lucky officers. Involving multiple departments and affiliates, the Profix team was able to source, assemble, and deliver two high-quality bikes meeting the rigorous specifications of the OPP. Complete with take-down lights, courtesy of our friends at Adventure Lights, and a rock-solid bike from Norco, we feel confident that the officers have the best equipment to help keep our communities safe.

Desjardins Charity Event

During the fall season, when the demand for bicycles finally starts letting up a bit and stores can begin to look towards an upcoming busy holiday season, Profix was still hard at work assembling bicycles. This time however, Profix would be joining forces with La Fondation des Canadiens pour l’Enfance, Caisse Populaire Desjardins and Boucherville Canadian Tire for a full day of bicycle assembly. Together with Boucherville Canadian Tire, Profix was able to donate and assemble 100 full suspension mountain bikes that would end up in the hands of an equal amount of under privileged Montreal north elementary school students. The event would be overlooked by over 300 business men and women from Caisse Populaire Desjardins, participating in a team building exercise.

Unbeknownst to those wearing suits at the events, they would have to partner up with one of the students and roll up their sleeves and assemble the bikes right out of the boxes.

The 30 or so Profix employees participating in the charity event would handle any issues along the way that the newly formed teams could not handle by themselves. Among those present at Place Bonaventure also leading a hand where Youpi and 5 time Stanley Cup winner for the Montreal Canadians, Réjean Houle.

Youpi’s typically jovial attitude added much colour to the event and brought a smile to every child’s face, as well as serving as a moral boost to the few Desjardins employees in over their heads.

The afternoon came to a close once the Profix employees inspected every last bicycle before handing them back to their overly ecstatic new owners. It is safe to say that Christmas came early this year for the lucky students and we at Profix hope these bikes can bring many opportunities in the years to come.

Ingersoll Family Bike Ride

ingersollProfix was pleased to provide our services to the Ingersoll Safe Cycling Committee. We were able to meet with the town people and offer complimentary tune-ups to participants of the Family Bike Ride.

We were also able to provide some basic maintenance tips to the riders as well as advice to parents and young cyclists alike. The ISCC was grateful for the help ensuring that this event not only successful, but also to help encourage people to come out and ride. We were also able to make new friends with the Oxford County O.P.P. as well as some of the contributors to the ARE U Ready campaign, both of which we look forward to working with in the future. Thanks to Canadian Tire Ingersoll and the ISCC for their invite.

The Mobile Bike Shop Summer Season 2014 is Arriving Soon!

Profix is welcoming in another bike season and our mobile bike shops are booking up fast!
If you have a sale or event that you would like to promote, a Profix mobile bike shop can be perfect for you! Don’t wait, with a limited number of weekends this summer they are booking fast.

For more information please call 514-505-1882 extension 2-1.

Distribution FST

Distribution FST is happy to announce it is now accepting orders.

What is Distribution FST?

Distribution FST is Canada’s first bicycle parts distribution company dedicated to servicing your products… fast.

  • Compatibility. FST’s inventory is designed to be compatible with or identical to components already used on your products.
  • Simplicity. Replacement part orders placed by Profix technicians are shipped from FST directly.
  • Intelligent. Advice on pre-ordering based on yearly volume.

To order, please contact the Profix parts department at
514-505-1882 ext 2-4.
We will be happy to assist you.

Profix now in the Saguenay Lac St-Jean Region

Profix is happy to announce we are now offering services in the Saguenay Lac St-Jean region. Please, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our services.

Clara Hughes’ Big Ride

BELL CANADA - Clara's Big RideOn March 14th, 6 time Olympic medalist Clara Hughes embarked on her 110 day ride to promote mental health awareness.

With Toronto as a starting point, Cycle Profix was present on site with 3 of it’s technicians, in order to offer its services to all taking part in her fundraising event. Located at the Specialized bike tent, one of Clara’s main sponsors, Cycle Profix was able to deal with all cycle related issues, from tire inflation to full tune ups, and made sure the event took place without a hitch.

Cycle Profix would also like to thank Clara for her dedication to mental health awareness and will be looking forward to offering its services again in the future.

Profix at the RBC GranFondo


Cycle Profix is pleased to announce our Mobile Bike Shop service has been launched in British Columbia. We were thrilled to have the perfect event to test the waters – The RBC GranFondo Whistler. A gruelling 122 km road race the length of the Sea to Sky highway between Vancouver and Whistler. photo (2)

We were stationed at approximately the midpoint, at the Canadian Tire in Squamish – another supporter of the event. Being next to the Canadian Tire, and Jumpstart gave us the ideal venue to showcase our abilities as well as to be right in the action. Thanks to RBC GranFondo, and Canadian Tire Squamish for including us in an event that profoundly touches so many peoples lives!

Relief Service for Lac-Mégantic

Lac-Megantic copy

Cycle Profix, Walmart, and Raleigh joined forces on Saturday September 7th to bring a bit of relief to the people of Lac Mégantic with a charity event that spread smiles and warmed hearts all over the beautiful municipality. Cycle Profix transported one of their mobile bike shops from Montréal and offered free bicycle repairs and free replacement parts generously donated by Raleigh Canada.

The three Profix bicycle technicians were aided by another mechanic who graciously gave his time for the event. Walmart helped promote the event beforehand in its weekly flyer and with posters around town, creating the strong turnout that kept all four mechanics busy for the whole afternoon. Pickup trucks full of bicycles desperately needing repair showed up all day long, as neighbor helped neighbor by getting the word out and transporting bikes for those without cars.

At the end of the day, one lucky participant was picked from the raffle box and was awarded a brand new Raleigh Peak mountain bike, an exceptional prize supplied by Raleigh Canada that will last the winner for years to come. As the sun set over scenic Lac-Mégantic, dozens of residents young and old were riding away on bicycles that were safer, smoother, and easier to ride, into a brighter future full of hope and renewal.

Profix would also like to take the time to thank all the residents of Lac-Mégantic who participated in the afternoon of services offered by Profix, Raleigh and Walmart and made the day the success that it was. Our thoughts are with all of you!

Profix Attends iGo Seminar

In order to keep up with changing times and adapting to new technologies, Profix technicians are continuously trained and kept up to speed with even the latest of cycling innovations available at retail department stores. iGo Cycles, a leader in electric scooters and bicycles, has recently begun piercing the Canadian retail market and it was up to Profix to ensure it was up to the task of repairing and maintaining iGo products, for the benefit of it’s clients.


A long time leader in two wheeled electric vehicles, iGo Electric has always been on the forefront of electric cycle development, refusing to be just another electric cycling company and consistently innovating in a very competitive field. With technologies found on no other electric bicycles, iGo develops products that do away with most of the restrictions of regular electric bicycles and allow users to have a smooth cycling experience with all the benefits of an additional electric power source.

Always ready to further it’s knowledge of electric cycle maintenance, Profix technicians attended a conference detailing the intricacies of iGo bicycles and scooters, as well as electric bicycles in general. Everything from propulsion system to EV batteries was covered, allowing Profix technicians to confidently handle any iGo products.

Located in heart of the Montreal cycling scene, by the Lachine canal, iGo is a proud Montreal based company that will undoubtedly grow to become one of the major electric bicycle suppliers for commercial retailers and Profix will be present along every step of the way, attending future seminars, to ensure iGo products run smoothly and it’s customers remain satisfied.

For more information on iGo products, visit their web page:

Profix at Le Taz!

Recently Profix had the opportunity to work with a Montreal institution known as Le Taz. Best known for the high flying antics that take place inside its walls as well as catering to one of the most demanding crowds in town, Le Taz inddor skatepark is constantly adapting it’s park to meet the needs of a crowd with an ever increasing skill level.

Most recently, the indoor skate park made a welcome addition to its well know bowl, where riders are expected to soar well above the coping on both their bikes and skateboards. The upgrade is known as a sub-box and will be used on a daily basis as a fun and challenging module to perform stalls. That being said, the sub-box will sustain much abuse and therefore has to be built extra strong to stand up to the years of riding.

Profix once again delivered by completing the project on time and providing the skatepark users with a fun new addition to their favourite skatepark this winter season. Profix is glad to add Le Taz skatepark to it’s list of happy and satisfied customers.